Having a heart for people.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19


Rhema New Life Church has established a mission outreach in a village called Dihatshwane,
approximately 15km from Mafikeng central. Dihatshwane is a poverty stricken village that consists of 300-400 households and growing. There is a high rate of crime and alcohol abuse in this village;
as a result of an increase in child negligence

The role of our mission in Dihatshwane

- To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ that sets people free -
- To bring transformation to the community -
- To establish and empower a strong, healthy and growing church -


Over and above our DH Programs, as a church we have initiatives such as:

Annualy we supply blankets and serve soup to famillies in nearby villages.
Its an annual initiative we started from last  year during the winter season and by the grace of God,
 through the generousity of our members, we were able to give 100plus blankets.

Annually we supply food parcels at end of every year as part of our Thankgiving.
This is mainly geared to families who cannot support themselves,
the elderly and also single mothers who cannot support themselves.
Again, God has been good to us that we've managed to give over 40 plus food parcels and vegetable packs.

It's time to make a significant difference.

We want to involve YOU too,
to be a part of what God is doing through our church.

Your donation can help us reach more.

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